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The city has been invaded by bee hives!

23 February 2012

Urban pollination: an innovative and poetic artistic research

It is called Parti Poétique, Poetic Party, a French movement which has started up a peculiar interdisciplinary project for the city: The Honey Bank, i.e. “urban pollination” achieved by the installation of hives in urban areas such as the roofs of the Grand Palais in Paris.

The Party, founded upon an idea of the image artist and beekeeper Olivier Darné, suggests a different way of considering the city, aiming at linking the "artistic" initiative to political, cultural, environmental, and economic thoughts.These installations aims at raising the awareness of the public about problems such ad ecosystems degradation (with the subsequent reduction of bee populations) and the economic and social crisis. Citizens are invited to realize the existing relationships between wild nature and urban areas, passing-by seasons, the environment, the social organization of men and of bees.

The tangible result of this artistic work is “Miel Béton”, a delicious and multi-awarded honey, the representation of a urban landscape. A nectar, the cultural representation of the city, the essence of urban history and geographies, obtained from the hives installed on the roof of the French Town Hall of Saint Denis. The city hold in a jar.

miel beton


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