The Red Apple
with a Unique Taste
The long and exciting work carried out by researchers of the Italian nurseries consortium CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) respectfull of the bio-diversity, gave birth to Modì® CIVG198*: the red apple, exceptionally crunchy and juicy, perfectly sweet for a great pleasure and intense freshness.
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Eco-Friendly by Nature
Modì® apple is unique also because it grows eco-friendly, thanks to its rustic tree with an innate resistance to the main pathogens, the early crop and to integrated crop management in the field, man actions in the orchard are notably reduced, with a positive impact on the environment and a relevant saving of most important production inputs.
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organoleptic qualities
Any time as healthy snack and perfect for cooking!
Discover its characteristics.
Exceptionally crunchy, juicy and perfectly sweet
Bright purple red, with yellow splashes
Elongated conical shape, medium-large size (70-80 mm)
Yellow, very firm, crisp and juicy
Utmost shelf-life, at room temperature it remains crispy and juicy for a week weeks
A name inspired by arts
Its original name is inspired from the artist from Amedeo Modigliani, called “Modì” by his friends and became famous for his female portraits with shiny and bright colors, just like the deep red color of Modì® Apple.
Dedicated to
the Nature Lovers
Modì® Apple is the perfect fruit for who looks for high-quality and innovative products, sensitive to combine pleasure with simple and sustainable living.
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