FRESHMAX MODI® AU: “Modi®-excels-export-markets”

The Modi™ apple remains a pivotal brand for the Freshmax Australia's Apple and Pear Category this year having successfully grown its ranging programs exponentially in both domestic and overseas markets.
An agile and strategic sales strategy combined with high-spike OOH media buys ensured that the Modi® brand flew when it needed to and maintained momentum the rest of the season.  What is even more impressive is that in its debut export year, Modi™ managed to drive the acquisition of significant market share, making it the largest proprietary export variety from Australia this season – accounting for more than 6% of overall Australian Apple exports.

This is thanks to the extensive network with many International Retailers always keen to trial new and interesting varieties in order to satisfy their customers needs.

This year’s season saw a significant program of units shipped to a leading Asian Supermarket chain with a constant demand for more due to good arrivals and great feedback on fruit quality throughout the season. “We are already locked in for expanded our 2019 programs,” says Freshmas Group.