Northern hemisphere New Harvest

Modi® 2016/2017 Campaign Launch
Modì® apples are off to a great start in what promises to be a very successful 2016-2017 sales campaign. These predictions are bolstered by both the quantity and the quality of the apples themselves, which are capable of sustaining and meeting the demands of the international markets and their consumers.
We estimate that production of first-class Modì® apples in the Northern Hemisphere will be about 16,500 tonnes: 70% of this will come from the European harvest of the Modì Group Europe, while the remaining 30% will come from Turkey and Serbia. Sales prospects for our Authorised Distributors look good for two reasons: on the one hand, the quality and calibre of the product being harvested and, on the other hand, the demand coming from the Middle East and especially from the Far East: this year has seen great interest from India, as attested to at the recent Asia Fruit Logistica fair held in Hong Kong from 7 to 9 September 2016.

There is increasingly greater interest in the marketplace for the Modì® apple, whose colour, crispness, juiciness, perfect sweetness and "eco-friendly" nature make it unique.
The Modì® development project in Nother Emisphere include Farmington Fresh in California, who, though the project is still in the early development stage, has great ambitions for the next three years in terms of productive and commercial growth.

The Modì Europe Consortium is coordinating the international marketing guidelines through the Modì® International Project as part of the international coordinated brand strategy for different target markets.