Modì® International Project is growing up.

Dole Chile new Licensee South Hemisphere
Modi® Apple - the red apple with a unique modern taste and eco-friendly thanks to its rustic tree with an innate resistance to the main pathogens that reduces to a bare minimum human intervention in farming creating a positive impact on the environment and a relevant saving of important inputs – has been conceived and developed by CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) a Consortium actives worldwide in experimental and fruit breeding programs and engaged in selecting of varieties on with low impact on the environment.

Modi® International Project is now growing up with the official entrance of DOLE CHILE Group who joined the other Licensees from Europe, Turkey, Serbia, Uruguay, Australia and, United States, working together to extend Modi® market all over the world. 
The Modì® development project in South Emisphere has so recently added Dole Chile in Latin America and the Freshmax Group in Australia as licensed partners, and the resulting off-season production is expected to be exceptional over the next few years.
The farming plan forecast aims to reach in the next few years about 1,000 Hectares worldwide, of which roughly the 80% located in the Northern Hemisphere with a varietal overall global production of about 30.000 tons achieving a favourable balance between supply and demand of Modi® apples.
The most important Project aim consists on promoting coordinated strategies on farming procedures, marketing/promotion on a global level, supporting a cooperative and co-ordinating approach between producers and trader members, working together to enhance Modi®.
All the Modi® Partners, led by innovation and passion, shares values, experience, technical skills and brand policies during both yearly Fruitlogistica Berlin Modi® Marketing Meeting and specific dedicated itinerant Modi® Technical Meeting with the First Edition held in Ferrara on last 26th - 27th May 2016.

Pier Filippo Tagliani, Chairman of Modi Europa Consortium, appointed by CIV to coordinate the partners in this first phase of the international project, declared: “we intend to fully support the development of environmentally sustainable Modi® International Project of the highest quality to satisfy every player in the supply chain, from the producer to the end user at international level”.

In photo: Pier Filippo Tagliani – Chairman CIV with Andrew Maughan Freshmax Australia in HONG KONG Asia Fruitlogistica Exhibition.